BL 0.5 עפרון מכני טומבו מונוגרף / Tombow Mono Graph Mechanical Pencil 0.5 mm BL [DPA-134B]

Price: ₪22.00(tax incl.)

MONO graph pencil features one of the most popular erasers in Japan – MONO eraser.
To prevent the lead from breaking and to help with precise work, MONO graph has a 4mm long guide pipe. This feature makes MONO graph mechanical pencil an ideal partner for your ruler!
Features innovative shake-mechanism that allows user to extend lead by simply shaking the pencil. Equipped also with a lock mechanism to prevent accidental lead extension.

Material: Plastic
Diameter Grip: 10.3 mm
Lead Size - Diameter: 0.5mm
Length Body: 14.7 cm
made in Japan